If it is true that all the most important things I have in life are not material things, I believe that give it all of yourself to the one you love is a gift, it is like the most beautiful road that we can travel by car, like the first warmer morning rays of spring on your face, like the hug that protects and reassures you when you believe, even for a moment, that you are alone.

Giulia Selvaggini
Giulia Selvaggini - I Believe

in feelings, in tears and smiles, in the emotions that can hardly be described in words, in the chills on the skin and the dry throat, when a sentence or a gesture reaches straight to the heart and in an instant the meaning of life is there, in front of my eyes.

Giulia Selvaggini - I LOVE

my partner and together we share everything, we have a house in the countryside and two sweet dogs, it is our world, our dimension, right there among the hills. Together with the photographer Andrea Di Giampasquale we founded our studio, WhiteLife Studio

[ Our studio surrounded by hills and green open space makes us appreciate even more the little things, having a family, a land to cultivate, plants and animals to watch out for reminds us what is our role in this world ]


we trace our history as furrows in the earth, lines that create artworks. It’s the profound intimacy, the agreement and the trust that excites me every time I found them in a couple that I am filming.

Giulia Selvaggini


Giulia Selvaggini - Philosophy
Giulia Selvaggini - Philosophy

Capturing the essence of a couple, their story, their day is what gratifies me the most, build an indelible memory over time, to assemble the story of one of the most beautiful adventures of their life,

Giulia Selvaggini - Matrimonio

To get the best images I want I always try to capture the couple in a situation of total synergy and spontaneity, to celebrate the

Giulia Selvaggini - Love

that they decide to shown to me

Giulia Selvaggini

I create memories, I capture them, I trap the flowing time and I make sure that a particular moment can be relived for millions of times, and what I do generates again those past feelings, those moments that will never come back but they can be experienced again only through images, when memories in our minds become blurred